Create for fans
Grow with creators

aFan let fans directly invest in creators with
potential, support their content creation
activity, and eventually make profits as their
creators grow.

Discover and invest
creators with potential

Have you discovered a creator with great
potential? Follow is an option but in aFan, you
can be their fan by investing in creators. Up to
50% of the creator’s profits will be shared with
you according to your share.

Express your love upon
the content by sending fanco

Feeling the like button isn’t enough to reward the
content that moved you? Support those creators
to present their talent to the world
by using fanco. Top sponsored fans will get more
chance to be recognized by the creator.

Check the recent state
of your investment

Check your data of recent invest profit,
activity profit, and AD profit in the portfolio
tab at a glance. You may unveil the reason for
recent high rates of fanco return.